Island of World Peace

Inisraher Island, Clew Bay, Co. Mayo

Island Information

We look forward to welcoming you to this magical location and to helping you enjoy easy days of serenity, rest and refreshment.

If you would like to view the Island of World Peace, Inishraher Island, on Google Earth, then go to Westport, Ireland and move out West into Clew Bay and at the co-ordinated N 53 48 18 and West 9 37 48 and you will be directly over the island. As the satellite  photograph was taken some years ago, the newly built Peace Palace and other buildings may not be viewable in their completed state.


On reaching the island, passengers will be disembarking at the pontoon landing-deck, from where luggage will be carried the short distance to the Peace Palace.

The island itself is about 30 acres in extent and from the main building It slopes upwards to the South-West. Some of the island is covered in fern. There is a serene quality about the island and magical views north, south, east and west.

The Peace Palace consists of 18 comfortable, single en-suite rooms. There is a kitchen, a dining room with lovely views, meeting room and meditation hall.

WiFi is available in the building and there is mobile telephone reception on the island. However, participants should remember that, in order to secure the serenity of the facility, there will be restrictions on the use of mobiles while in the building – ring tones to be turned off at all times, no phones in common areas and phones not to be used during mediation times.


You will be on an island off the West Coast of Ireland. A wide range of weather can be expected. Please Be Prepared.

You are recommended to bring:

  • Light clothes for indoor wear or sunny weather.
  • Wellingtons or good walking shoes/boots.
  • A warm pullover.
  • Good rain wear.
  • Headgear – for rain or summer sun.


As outdoor shoes are not worn inside the building, please bring your own slippers or indoor shoes.


Walking. The island slopes upwards to the South-West. There are short, pleasant walks on the beach.

  • Up through the island, the ground is more uneven with dips and ridges. Essentially, it is like hill-walking so you need to take care at all times while walking. Those who are weak on their feet are best advised to avoid this uneven ground.
  • Some parts of the islands are covered in fern (from which the island takes its name). No one should walk in these areas as it is not possible to see the ground clearly. The island’s spectacular views can be enjoyed without going through these areas.
  • It is essential to remain well back from the cliff edges of any raised areas of the island as, unlike the mainland, these due to erosion may well be soft and unable to sustain the weight of a person standing on or close to the cliff edge.
  • As the currents are unpredictable it is better not to swim.
  • If you venture out at dusk or after, always bring a flashlight.
  • Always walk with a companion. It is safer.


With these simple precautions, it will be possible to enjoy the island’s lovely vistas in safety.

Health. It is important to remember that this is an offshore island. If/when required, it will take time for assistance to arrive. In serious emergencies, there is the facility  to summon a helicopter. Anyone with a serious medical condition should bear this in mind.

The food will, where possible, be vegetarian & organic and will come from a wide variety of sources and countries and so it will not be possible to cater for serious food allergies nor possible to guarantee the absence of the minute quantities of allergenic substances that can trigger a hypo-allergenic attack.

If you are taking medication, please bring a supply that will last for the duration of your course.

Water. The beach is pleasant and the sea is pristine. Paddling in the water is fine. As the predominant seaweed is full of nutritious oils and minerals which are very good for the skin, you could even give yourself a seaweed scrub! Swimming is not recommended given the variety of currents that exist in the channels around the island and the fact that your physiology will be very settled.


All catering is vegetarian and organic where possible, with a set menu at each meal.

Breakfast is usually quite simple self-help – a choice of toast, cereal or porridge, fruit and beverages.

The main meal will be in the middle of the day when digestive capacity is at its maximum with a lighter meal in the evening. All of this is designed to facilitate physiological comfort and support the meditation programme.


For Ferry travel to the Island,  tides and the weather always have to be taken into account and this may cause the departure time of the Ferry to vary on the day of travel. So please make sure that we have your mobile number and that you have your mobile switched on on the day of travel, so that we can communicate any variation in Ferry arrangements that need to be made.

In the Winter, the Ferry departure time may be as early as 1pm, whereas in the Summer the departure time will be around 4.30pm. You should aim to arrive at Rosmoney Pier at least 30 mins before the scheduled departure time, on the commencement day of your course, which will usually be either a Friday, Saturday or Wednesday. It is important to remember that the ferry will leave Rosmoney at a designated time, so that the crossing can be made in a safe and efficient manner for all course participants. If you miss the Ferry, you may have to arrange an overnight in accommodation in Westport and then a special Ferry crossing the next day.

Please let us know in advance when you think you will arrive and if things change during the journey, please keep us updated. If you arrive outside of these times, you may have to make your own arrangements for accommodation and transport to the island.

The Orientation Meeting will be at 8 pm on the day of arrival.

Courses will end after breakfast on the morning of the final day and the 1st Ferry departure time for leaving, will normally be 8.30 am (depending on tides)  to facilitate as much as possible, the onward journey of course participants to buses, trains and airports.   If you require a boat out of the normal  schedule you may have to pay extra.

Returning – The ferry will return everyone back to Rosmoney pier. We will help to arrange transport for those who need it from Rosmoney Pier on departure day. As some participants are likely to have cars parked at the Pier, it may be possible to arrange a lift into Westport for those without cars.


The course schedule will be outlined to you at your Orientation Meeting at 8pm on the day of arrival.

Every day is structured with times for extra meditation and enhanced intellectual understanding.

Everything is easy and enjoyable. The emphasis is on deep rest which, in turn, allows for deeper experience.

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